A Life Without Anxiety

  • Do you want to live a life without anxiety?

  • Are you prepared to engage with us to achieve a life without anxiety?

  • You do want to enjoy the freedom that results from a life without anxiety, don’t you?

An anxiety free life is within your reach, you can enjoy the freedom that comes from feeling happy.  Anxiety can take many forms and the impact anxiety has on each individual is different. Our approach to helping people live anxiety free is based on 20 years experience of both experiencing extreme anxiety and in-depth learning and practice in resolving anxiety. We’ve seen both sides of anxiety. We know what you’re experiencing, we’ve been there. 

Simple truths about anxiety

  • If you commit 100% you will achieve a life without anxiety – FACT!

  • Your unconscious mind drives your anxiety. Hypnosis communicates directly with your unconscious mind. Hypnosis works – FACT!

  • Resolving all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs will will deliver peace of mind. Negative emotions (Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt / Shame) drive anxiety – FACT!

  • There is no silver bullet to achieving a life without anxiety – don’t be fooled by fantastic claims.

  • There are no quick fixes – the chances are you won’t achieve a life without anxiety inside 4 sessions, you’ll feel better for sure!

  • Each individual experiences anxiety different, therefore our process adapts to each client, There is not a straight-line to a life without anxiety.

a life without anxiety
a life without anxiety

You are not born anxious – you have learnt how to be anxious. You can learn to live without anxiety, you know you can.

Living a life without anxiety means choosing to be consent, fulfilled and happy. You can live the life you want to live.

Our prime goal is to assist you free yourself from the shackles of anxiety. Our processes are forged in our experience and world class training.

As Clinical Hypnotherapists and Accredited Trainers of NLP we are highly skilled in this work. Not only can we help you live anxiety free, we can train you in the techniques that can deliver the content and happy life you desire.

A life without anxiety is everyone’s basic right! You weren’t born anxious, you’ve learnt how to be anxious, so let’s get on and sort it out, starting now! Firstly, We’ll give you the tools to clear any issues contributing to your anxiety. Secondly, you can build your confidence and self esteem so that you can live your best life.

Anxiety, stress and depression

These issues are hitting the top of our list of enquiries from across the the UK and beyond. Recently, the number of people impacted by loss has increased dramatically. Loss comes in many forms (bereavement, redundancy, retirement, relationship breakdowns or teenagers going off to university etc). Knowing an event is coming up can make you feel anxious about it resulting in fear.

Next Step for a life without anxiety

Now, you may have more questions or you just want to get started and transform your life. We offer an initial 60 minute phone/Zoom consultation. We will explore your challenges then map out a transformational programme based around hypnotherapy, NLP, breathing techniques etc. You can shift your focus onto what you want to create and the results you want to achieve.

Our highly effective and transformative set of skills you will generate real, positive, long lasting sustained change in your life.

I believe that things happen for a reason. The reason you’re on our website now is because now is the right time to release that anxiety. You can live a life without anxiety, get in touch today.

See we do make a difference…

So sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I have tried the things we went through and I also discussed them with the young people I look after, they have been very helpful!

It was really nice to meet you on Thursday, I found the course very helpful.  I can relate to this in my acting managers role, this will help me feel more confident in providing and receiving feedback going forward.

PC, David Allen Ltd

Thank you very much for a fantastic course, I found it extremely insightful and feel that this will make a huge difference to the way myself and colleagues work.

It has certainly helped me understanding my working practices more.

PB, Calvert Trust