Can you really be free of Anxiety?

Can you really be free of Anxiety? Well, that depends on who you’re talking to.

Over recent years Anxiety has become perhaps the most used word that people use to describe their mental health. The word is everywhere, and an increasingly large portion of the population believe they have some form of anxiety.

This blog will not explore why the word has become so prevalent, that only leads to more focus on anxiety. I’m more interested in setting out how you can achieve a life with anxiety.

Can you really be froo of anxiety
Can you really be free of anxiety

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety, pure and simple is a STATE.

We will come to what a state is in a later post, suffice to say, we all have the potential to experience all states.  Excitement is also a state, as is happiness and also nervousness.  We can all experience every state that it is possible to create.  It’s all part of being human.  This post and this website is all about experiencing life without the state of anxiety.

More specifically, anxiety is a state with a future focus.  If you are experiencing anxiety you will be anxious about an event that has not happened yet.

A person suffering from anxiety may well have had the state for a long time.  Some of my clients come to me and tell me they have suffered with anxiety for 20 – 30 years or longer.  Having tried many forms of therapy the end result has been the increase of drugs to keep them ‘down’ and nullify their anxious response.

Many clients will tell me they have been told by clinicians and therapists that they will never be free from their condition.

Is it any wonder when the folk you seek out for help tell you there is no release, that you actually believe there is no way out of anxiety?

What if there was a different option?

What inspires me and keeps me focused on this work is the hope my clients constantly bring to their sessions with me. A lot of my clients have reached the end of the line with drugs and therapies prescribed by their doctors, nothing seems to have worked. In some ways, you could say my clients have already decided their previous advice and attempts have failed. It’s time for a new approach.

Here is the first essential key. You’ve got to be ready to say enough of this I deserve better and I’m not being told I cannot do anything about this. When my clients tell me this, I know they are ready to be free of anxiety.

In the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we have a set of what we call ‘pre-suppositions’. These are not rules or laws more guiding principles, they are set of statements that when we act ‘as if’ they are true we can achieve significant results. One such presupposition of NLP is,

“Possible in the world is Possible for me, it’s only a question of How”

This can help us begin to see that the way to achieve a life without anxiety is simply a matter of ‘how’. If there is a process, then it is possible because others have done it. You simply have to follow the process.

But wait…I hear you say. Why have I been told that anxiety will be with me forever? My simple answer is that’s a problem for those that have been telling you that. My only interest is in disrupting that mantra and showing the alternative.

Curious? Want to know a little more?

If this is getting you intrigued why not complete the form below. A free initial consultation awaits, you will learn something new. By staying connected you will soon build up a collection of ideas, tips and techniques on how to achieve a life without anxiety.

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An anxiety free life is yours…if you want it!

Finally, if anxiety is something that you feel, you are making that feeling happen, it’s yours.  You can control that feeling and even change that feeling.  You can make things better.

There is so much more to come.  I have a lot to share with you.  You can be free from Anxiety, yes you can.  The best part is nobody gets hurt, there are no drugs involved (you’ll probably end up on less drugs) and you’ll experience a completely different way of life.

What will you do when you’ve taken the choice to free yourself from Anxiety?  Don’t rush to answer that question, take your time.  Start building a vision of the future you feeling completely at one with yourself, breathing in a relaxed manner, smiling and looking forward to what’s coming up next.

This is possible for you.  I know this, I’ve been there, I’ve got the T-Shirt and lived the anxious life.  My experience, knowledge and learning have turned my life towards a life without anxiety.  I’m now teaching others and certifying others in the skills and learning on how to achieve this for themselves and also to work with others.  Yes, not only can you learn this for yourself, you can learn how to work with others to help them become free from anxiety.  Your experience of anxiety can become your greatest tool in your toolbox.

Stay connected, you can learn and that is all it takes to get going on your journey to understanding, YES, you really can be free of anxiety.

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