Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is widely regarded as one of the effective techniques to help with anxiety. Unlike ‘stage hypnotists’ we’re not interested in entertaining a crowd.  We’re focused on helping our clients resolve issues such as anxiety, fears, phobias and unwanted habits.

We’re highly trained therapists and we’ve also been on the other side of anxiety.  We know what it feels like and we’ve invested in our own learning and development to be where we are now. Following a consultation to understand the nature of your issue we will develop a process that will make a difference to your current experience.


Help with Anxiety through Clinical Hypnotherapy

Help with Anxiety Clinical Hypnotherapy

All too often our clients will tell us they have tried to fix their own anxiety themselves.  They’ve read books, listened to CDs, tried to think as positively as they can.  It’s not uncommon for many clients to come that have had CBT in the past and still they suffer with anxiety.

The challenge with this is that anxiety is something that resides in your unconscious mind, it takes a lot of learning to access your unconscious mind yourself.  Working with a skilled therapist using clinical hypnotherapy is simply the easiest way to achieve success.

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy we can engage your unconscious mind and negotiate new solutions.  The best bit about your unconscious mind is it only ever wants to do what is best for you.

Your unconscious mind, believe it or not, is the most helpful part of your entire mind / body.  This is where your habits and essential bodily functions are governed.  Sadly, sometimes an event happens and a decision is made that, whilst helpful at that time, later becomes an issue.  this is true for anxiety and stress etc.  With clinical hypnotherapy it is entirely possible to reverse that decision and create new responses to the triggers that have always resulted in anxiety.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy Options

Ideally we will work with you in a face to face (1:1) confidential setting.  In this setting we can build really great rapport and trust leading to a more rapid result.  We accept, naturally, that this may not also be possible.  Clients suffering from anxiety may not relish travelling to meet someone they’ve never met before, we get this.  Working virtually, is entirely possible and can have excellent results.  If virtual is your preference, we ask that you do everything possible to create as quiet and peaceful setting as you can.