Events & Webinars

Not only do we deliver outstanding Therapy & Coaching we also deliver world class training.

As accredited trainers of NLP we deliver compelling personal transformational programmes across the Uk and virtually.

Our team of trainers are hand-picked, assessed and accredited.  We trust their ability to deliver.

Our range of events are designed to help you achieve a life without anxiety.  We’re not talking full-scale certification programmes requiring a large investment, either.  these events are affordable and flexible.


Help with Anxiety through workshops and webinars


We host a wide range of events designed to help you find relief from anxiety.

With 1 hour short Q&A sessions where you can test the water and ask your questions to half day virtual webinars and full day live workshops.

The content of our events is drawn from the fields of personal transformation and positive psychology.  

Upcoming Events to Help you Live a Life Without Anxiety

Our events are designed to let you engage however you wish to engage.  These events are not designed to replace a therapeutic process, you will learn how to manage your anxiety. You may wish to pursue more intensive development and overcome and transform your life.