Freedom from Anxiety – it is possible

Freedom from Anxiety using Memory Re-Solution® is completely different from anxiety management.  Change the narrative about anxiety and let’s start enjoying a happier life

freedom from anxietyBrowsing the internet looking at resources to help people achieve freedom from anxiety you will find most results point you to websites and blogs that actively get you to accept that Anxiety is a ‘thing’, a ‘condition’ something you can treat.

This is why we have such a huge ‘time bomb’ waiting to explode in the UK at the moment.  The NHS and other ‘mental health’ agencies have weaponised ‘Anxiety’ as their main way to hook vulnerable people into using their services.  The more people they engage with the more funding they receive.  Hence, making Anxiety something real and difficult to manage is only in their best interests.

I looked at one such resource from the google search results when I searched for anxiety help.

On this website I was presented with an article called ‘Anxiety Management Strategies’.  Instantly, I’m curious about how you can manage something that doesn’t exist…a bit like trying to hold water in your clenched fist!

Anxiety Management does not result in freedom from anxiety.

So how does this organisation suggest a person practices anxiety management?

  1. Slow Breathing
  2. Progressive muscle relaxation
  3. Stay in the present moment
  4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to reduce anxiety
  5. Small acts of bravery
  6. Challenge your self-talk
  7. Be kind to yourself
  8. Plan worry time
  9. Get to know your anxiety
  10. Connect with our online peer support community

Seriously…not a single one of these strategies will do anything to help an individual achieve freedom from anxiety.  Oh yes, that’s right, these strategies are designed to keep a person hooked into the belief that anxiety is a ‘thing’ and cannot be treated, all you can hope to do is ‘manage’ your anxiety.  I’m still curious about how you can manage something that is not real!

How not to be free from anxiety!

The first three suggestions above come from the idea of ‘mindfulness’…another made up term to trap people into believing that by ignoring emotional impulses they can achieve freedom from anxiety.  These first three suggestions actually do nothing to help a person live a life without anxiety, if anything, most people will be on the verge of a panic attack when someone suggests they breath slowly!  Not helpful!

Suggestion 4 – Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle to reduce anxiety…here we go with the medical profession again playing the parent and telling us all to resist temptation.  This does nothing to help achieving freedom from anxiety.

Suggestions 5 & 7… I simply cannot think of anything useful to say!

Suggestions 8 & 9 – Plan worry time and get to know your anxiety.  If anything these two suggestions are actually designed to get you to focus on becoming more anxious.  Plan worry time….get your diary out and set aside a chunk of time to do all your worrying.  It’s laughable isn’t it.  Get to know your anxiety, give it a name, a personality and image…make it more real and become more anxious!

Suggestion 10 – join our online peer support community.  Here we go, sign up and join in the chat and hear how lots of other people experience their anxiety…you will pick up lots of tips and ideas on how you might be missing out.

Freedom from Anxiety means changing how your mind works

For the observant readers out there, you may have noticed I jumped past suggestion 6 – Challenge your self-talk.  That’s because this is the only sensible suggestion out all the other 9.

Challenging your self-talk is a really helpful strategy that could lead to achieving freedom from anxiety.

Anxiety exists only in our mind…it is not real.  Our self-talk is the way we communicate with parts of our mind.  If you experience anxiety you will have a part or parts of your mind that trigger and run your anxiety.

The best way to achieve freedom from anxiety is to change how your mind works and create an aligned connection between the mind and the body.  You create anxiety within yourself, you follow a defined path, unique to you, that delivers anxiety.  By changing how this sequence works you will achieve a life without anxiety.

Yes, challenging your self-talk is only one small part of the process.  Changing how you construct the images, sounds and feelings along with the self-talk that combine to produce the sensations of anxiety is the key.

How can you achieve freedom from anxiety?

Firstly, forget about ‘managing your anxiety’…it doesn’t exist and cannot be managed.

Secondly, accept full personal accountability for creating the sensations in your body that you experience.  It is your body and your mind, if you can create one set of experiences you can absolutely create another set of more positive and helpful experiences.

Thirdly, give yourself permission to change how your mind works.  The belief that our brain ran automatically and we could not influence it is long outdated.  Neuroscience now has lots of data that our thoughts can create new connections in our brains and we can create new neurological pathways.  Your brain is flexible and is willing to learn new patterns of thought and behaviour.

Once we have these key three steps in place it is possible to address the sequence of images, sounds, feelings and self-talk that previously resulted in your experiencing what is commonly called anxiety.  Remember, we’re all different and experience everything differently.

The most powerful technique to eliminate anxiety

Here at we are fortunate in that we are the home of the powerful Memory Re-Solution®Freedom from anxiety using memory re-solution process.  Memory Re-Solution® is a technique from the field of NLP that will help unglue the feelings and memories associated with anxiety and replace them with new and powerful learning about how you can achieve anything you want.

We can do this without a drawn-out therapy process, without hypnotherapy (although this works well as a hypnotic process), without knowing any of the content that swirls around in your mind.  No drugs, no peer support groups where you’re expected to ‘share’ your issues.

When you change how your mind works the result is long term and change is immediate.

Are you ready to achieve freedom from anxiety using Memory Re-Solution®?  Get in touch.

If you want to know how to manage your anxiety and at the same time regularly experience acute anxiety when you forget to ‘manage’ it, search the internet.

Freedom from anxiety is within your grasp…you can choose to change how your mind works.

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