Here at A Life Without Anxiety we firmly believe that if you aim to help people with anxiety then you have to truly understand what it means to live a life full of anxiety.  Otherwise, how do you know what anxiety is?

Our founder, Paul McGowran, truly understands what anxiety is.

Help people with anxiety is what Paul McGowran does

Losing his wife after a 10-year battle with cancer, Paul has a deep understanding of the impact of anxiety. All the major ups and downs associated with such a long fight, the roller-coaster of emotions.

If your anxiety is money related. Paul has experienced a sudden loss of business and the subsequent liquidation caused by foot & mouth disease. Having survived multiple recessions, as well as managing a business when your business partner is dealing with Cancer, Paul truly understands anxiety caused by loss of income and business uncertainty. 

We’ve all experienced the stress and uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite all these major traumatic episodes one thing has been a constant in Paul’s life. That constant has been LEARNING.

We know Anxiety and How to Help People with Anxiety.

Paul 100% believes that there is learning in everything we do, every single experience we have brings us vital learning.  If we expose ourselves to a life of learning we will always have the resources to achieve the life we want.

It doesn’t matter what the experience or circumstances you are currently living with, we can help you achieve a life without anxiety.

Paul has experienced at first hand the benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP.  These two powerful and transformational approaches to life have been the keys to Paul overcoming all the major traumas he has experienced.

Paul has now developed a network of associates with similar experiences and learning.  Paul’s criteria for choosing associates is based on their life experience more than their qualifications.  If someone wants to be part of the team they have to demonstrate their capacity to empathise with clients seeking a life without anxiety.

Can I really help people with Anxiety?

Just recently I bought a range of books and journals all claiming to help people with anxiety.  One book was called the ‘Anxiety Cure’ and most of the book talked about why other approaches fail to help with anxiety. One journal insisted on getting people to focus on how anxious they were day to day.  The idea being that they become less anxious.  Another journal simply had a quote on each page…no help whatsoever!  

My approach works because I help people with anxiety through focusing on their life after they start being happy.  

Anxiety is the sort of condition that grows the more you focus on it.  Equally, by learning and taking proactive action to improve your life you become happier and more content.  Your anxiety levels will plummet.

If you are suffering with Anxiety and want help that works, get in touch.