NLP Therapy

If being hypnotised is not your cup of tea then our NLP Therapy is most likely going to be better for you.  This is a service where you will be dynamically engaged.  This is an energetic and intensive process.  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has been around for the best part of 50 years.  As Accredited Trainers of NLP and Master Practitioners of NLP you can be sure you’re in good hands.  Our founder, Paul McGowran, has undertaken additional training in the use of NLP as a form of Psychotherapy.


Help with Anxiety through NLP Therapy

NLP Therapy to help with Anxiety

You were not born with anxiety. This is something has developed over your life. If you are experiencing anxiety you will most likely be running a series of internal conflicts, or even one major conflict. The root cause of your anxiety may well be an experience or a series of experiences that have created within you the pattern that has now been labelled ‘your anxious self’ and it is now running the show.

Our NLP Therapy will integrate these conflicts, it will resolve all your unhelpful negative emotions and limiting beliefs. You will create a sense of alignment with your truest sense of purpose. You will be free to follow your purpose knowing that your sense of identity, who you are and what’s important to you are fully congruent with your behaviours.

Our NLP therapy Options

Our preference for working with clients is 1:1 in a confidential and safe place.  This is ultimately the most desirable way to deliver NLP Therapy.  Given what has transpired over the last three years, we have been adapting our services to include virtual services.