Typing Therapy to Overcome Anxiety

Typing therapy to overcome anxiety is our easiest to access service.  All you need to do is type what you want to say, for a lot of people this easier than saying what you want to say.

Anxiety is one of those things that can really shut you off from the world. Taking the decision to engage with a therapist is a massive step.  We have worked with individuals in group sessions that choose not to show their video, they choose not to speak.  What they do is send us messages and we engage with their messages.  This has led us to develop the idea of typing therapy.

We go at your pace.  You type something and we type something back to you.  If you wish we can talk in reply to your messages or we can simply type.


How to overcome anxiety with typing therapy

Typing Therapy to overcome anxiety

Typing therapy to overcome anxiety is the culmination of remote working following the lockdowns.

The last three years saw a massive increase in anxiety together with a massive increase in remote working. All we’ve done is combine the two, meaning you can have the ultimate remote therapy.

We can still work effectively with you and develop an understanding and rapport with you. Many people find it a lot easier to type something than speak it. If you trust that the person on the other end can support you, even better.

Typing Therapy to Overcome Anxiety Options

As you would expect this typing therapy service is 100% remote and works on platforms such as Zoom or Teams.